About Us

Fashion Scrilla is based in the heart of California! Our Team has devoted ourselves to establishing a network of trusted sources from our travels around the globe, we bring decades of experience in mindfully curating collections and personally styling services. Every item that makes it onto our website has been specially curated and carefully vetted for authenticity, sustainability, and craftsmanship, allowing our clients to shop with confidence. 

Our aim is to help our clients find quality unique pieces that express their individual personal style as well as to help others explore and create their own personal style for the very first time! We believe that everyone deserves to look and feel their best, and believe that together we can all do so without further contributing to the pollution of our world by shopping previously loved items in support of sustainability. In doing so we hope to be able to both extend the lifespan of these unique pieces we have collected, while also preserving the history and legacy of iconic designs and their respected designers. 

Just like each one of us on this magnificent planet has lead a life through experiences, each treasure in our fashion archive has a history, a story of its own!

We hope to continue to provide a first class shopping experience for all as we continue to grow our sustainable marketplace into a global destination for exceptional archival vintage, while finding new loving homes for our Pre-owned treasure collections and quality crafted one-of-a-kind treasures intended to be passed onto future generations to come!